Cerus in the News

November 3, 2018
Hematology Times - Breakthrough designation for pathogen-reduced cryoprecipitate  

November 21, 2016
East Bay Economic Development Alliance - Cerus Selected as an East Bay Innovation Awards Finalist for Life Sciences 


September 12, 2016
San Francisco Business Times - How this East Bay company is helping squash Zika


September 5, 2016
Chemical & Engineering News -  Zika is boon to device makers; Blood tests and purification methods ramp up as FDA recommends U.S.-wide screening

August 26, 2016
Wired - Testing for Zika Isn't the Only Way to Keep the Blood Supply Safe


July 28, 2016
Reuters - FDA takes steps to protect blood supply in Florida amid Zika probe


July 20, 2016
NBC Bay Area -  Concord Biotech Company Cerus Donates Blood Sterilization Tech to Rio Ahead of Olympic Games


July 19, 2016
Fox Illinois - Zika Virus Safety Concerns for the Blood Supply

July 19, 2016
ABC Channel 7 News San Francisco -  Blood Donation Centers Make Plea for Donors Among Nationwide Shortage

July 14, 2016
San Francisco Chronicle - Concord's Cerus Helps Ensure Blood Safety for Rio Olympics 


June 20, 2016
FierceMedical Devices - Cerus snags up to $180M from BARDA for blood pathogen reduction system


February 11, 2016
Wired – The U.S. Has the Tech to Keep Zika Out of the Blood Supply


September 28, 2015
The Wall Street Journal - The Rising Risk of a Contaminated Blood Supply; Amid new pathogens and cost pressures, efforts are under way to keep patients safe


June 16, 2015
Scientific American – The INTERCEPT Blood System Rids Blood Donations of All Pathogens


June 11, 2015
Science News for Students – A Germ Stopper for Blood Products

May 29, 2015
Transfusion News – Implementation of Pathogen Reduction in the United States (VIDEO)

March 24, 2015
FORBES – A Bug Zapper for Blood: Intercept System Deactivates Pathogens in Donated Plasma

January 26, 2015
Med Device Online CEO Corner: Interview with Obi Greenman, President & CEO of Cerus –
Development of a Pathogen Inactivation System to Stop Ebola and Other Deadly Outbreaks

December 17, 2014
Hematology Times – FDA Approves Pathogen Inactivation System for Plasma


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